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Pine Forest Animal Clinic
Dr. David Perrett


6860 Pine Forest Road
Pensacola, FL 32526


Hi, this is Jinx. He came to us as a very young, kitten. When he was brought to PFAC we were very concerned because he has a very horrible condition. He has Pectus Excavatum, which is a deformity of the chest bone. Since he was so small, it was extremely hard for him to breath. This meant that we could NOT let him get sick or he would have passed away. Luckily, since he has gotten bigger it has gotten a little better. Now that his chest is larger, he has more room making it easier to breath. He will always have this condition, but it does not bother him. He is a sweet guy and loves other animals and attention.

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Color: Black

Sex: Neutered Male

Age: 1 year


Hi, this is Lefty. He has been in and out of PFAC for quite a while. He has been adopted and returned twice 🙁 Poor guy, just can’t catch a break. In both homes, he was an outside dog. He was not on any type of flea prevention or bathed regularly so his allergies got very bad. The last time he was returned, nearly his whole back was raw from itching and chewing. Since he has been here we have been bathing him regularly and kept him on flea prevention to control his allergies. His hair is finally growing back! He needs/deserves a home that isn’t going to throw him in the back yard and forget about him. He deserves better than that. He is a sweet boy and gets along with other dogs. He is an older guy, but deserves a real home for the remainder of his life.

Breed: Jack Russell

Color: Tri

Sex: Neutered Male

Age: 7 Years


Hi, this is handsome Tucker. Tucker was dropped over our fence one evening. Luckily, we were still here or he would have gotten out of the gate and been hit in the road. When we noticed that he was in the fence we ran out to see what was going on. We were so upset when we saw him. He was skin and bones and had the number 231 shaved and spray painted into his skin. We made it outside before the person dropping him off got away. She said that he was a stray that she found on her way home and that she didn’t know what to do with him. She said that she had spoken to an adoption agency and if we could keep him for a couple days they would come pick him up. Needless to say, we never heard from her again. We do not understand why he was treated this way, he is an absolute sweetheart. We have finally been able to put some weight on him. Since he was found roaming the streets, he will try and run. We have to find him a home that will take the extra precautions to prevent this and someone that understands.

Breed: Pointer/Hound

Color: White & Tan

Age: 5 years

Sex: Neutered Male

Handy Manny

Hi, this is Handy Manny! He was brought in by a client for “chronic diarrhea.” The owners decided that they wanted to put him to sleep because they did not have the money to provide him the proper treatment. Since we have had him here, his diarrhea has cleared up and he is doing great. He is a sweetheart and loves attention! He runs around the clinic greeting clients and playing with other animals. He deserves a real family, one that will show him what true love is.

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Color: Orange

Sex: Neutered Male

Age: 5 Years


Hi, this is Poke-A-Dot! She is a beautiful cat that was brought in to see Dr. Perrett and abandoned. Her “family” left her here and never returned. At first she was very scared and didn’t want anything to do with any of our staff. She finally came around and is huge cuddle bug! She’s a sweetheart. She has been in a kennel since March of 2010. Please come adopt this girl and show her what a true family is!

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Color: Torti

Sex: Spayed Female

Age: 5 years


Hi, this is Craig! Craig is deaf 🙁 He is a great dog and is house trained. The reason Craig is here is because he doesn’t care for some cats and dogs. His previous mom has a house full of animals and he didn’t get along with some of them. Since he has been at PFAC, we have been working on his socialization. He has been playing with some dogs, but we don’t put him with cats. He would prefer a home with no cats and would have to meet your doggie children if you have any. He does want a family that will work with his disability and one that understands that he needs a little more guidance than a normal dog.

Breed: Jack Russell

Color: White

Age: 4 years

Sex: Neutered Male


Just a few reminders.

Dr. Perrett will not be in the office August 12th through August 15th. He will return August 16th.

He will also be out of the office October 9th through October 23rd. He will return October 25th.

He will be out of the office November 5 through November 14 to attend a mission trip. He will return on November 15.

BEWARE: Toxins are all around us!

Although there are many different toxins, there are three important toxins that you should know about; Xylitol, Sago Palm, and Cocoa Mulch.

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol used as a sweetener in many products, including sugar-free gum, mints, nicotine gum, chewable vitamins, oral-care products, baked goods, and even low-calorie smoothies! It can also be purchased in a granulated form for baking and as a sweetener for cereals and beverages. Although xylitol is safe in humans, it is not safe in animals. Reactions range from hypoglycemia to acute hepatic necrosis, and even liver failure with coagulopathy.  In 2006, JAVMA published 8 discussed cases of xylitol toxicity, 5out of 8 of the animals discussed were either euthanized or died because of liver failure!

Sago Palm are found more in homes now than in previous years. The Sago Palm is a stocky, spiky leaved plant in the Cycad family. Recently miniature or “bonsai” versions of the Sago Palm have also become popular. Sago and other cycad palms contain toxic compounds that can contain vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, seizures, and even liver failure or death! The ASPCA has reported an increase of 200% in reported Sago Palm toxicity.  Treatment is supportive (fluids, milk thistle), urosedoxycholic acid, monitor for coagulopathy, and antiemetics to control vomiting.

Cocoa Mulch is a toxin found in mulch used for landscaping. It is attractive to animals because of its odor, texture,and color. many pet owners are unaware of the danger of cocoa mulch!

If you ever suspect that your pet has come in contact with these or ANY toxins you should take them to the vet immediately. Treatment and likelihood that your pet will survive the toxicity depend on how much the pet ingest and how quick you begin treatment!

Oreo – ADOPTED : )

Oreo was found on the side of the road by Mrs. Perrett. She was very young and extremely malnourished. Since she has been in a kennel most of her life she is very energetic. We have been working with her on this and she has learned some basic commands. It will take more work from her forever family, but until then we will continue working with her. She is a sweetheart and loves attention. She has been looked at by many prospective owners, but no one ever comes back for her 🙁

Breed: Dalmatian Mix

Sex: Spayed Female

Age: 1 Year

Mitzi – ADOPTED : )

Mitzi is an absolute sweetheart. She has a great personality. She is a little skittish at first, we believe it has to do with her past.

Color: Black & White

Age: 2 Years