A picture from Pine Forest Animal Clinic in Pensacola, Florida

Pine Forest Animal Clinic
Dr. David Perrett


6860 Pine Forest Road
Pensacola, FL 32526


Hi, this is Lefty. He has been in and out of PFAC for quite a while. He has been adopted and returned twice 🙁 Poor guy, just can’t catch a break. In both homes, he was an outside dog. He was not on any type of flea prevention or bathed regularly so his allergies got very bad. The last time he was returned, nearly his whole back was raw from itching and chewing. Since he has been here we have been bathing him regularly and kept him on flea prevention to control his allergies. His hair is finally growing back! He needs/deserves a home that isn’t going to throw him in the back yard and forget about him. He deserves better than that. He is a sweet boy and gets along with other dogs. He is an older guy, but deserves a real home for the remainder of his life.

Breed: Jack Russell

Color: Tri

Sex: Neutered Male

Age: 7 Years

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